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Now we go, votre séjour en France (hôtels, gîtes, appartements, chambres d'hôtes, campings et locations insolites




Ma Voie Verte, hôtels, gîtes, chambres d'hôtes, campings et locations insolites à proximité d'une piste cyclable, véloroute en France

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Our ecological charter

Because the environment is a common good and its protection is a constant battle.

                                                                          How we act

Energy management

We turn off all energy sources in unused spaces.
The windows are closed once the room has been cleaned.
We use low energy light bulbs.
We consolidate orders to avoid multiple deliveries.
We ensure the proper maintenance of all our equipment.
We check the temperatures of our refrigerators and freezers daily.

Water Management

We only change sheets on request.

We only change bath towels only on request.
The teams do not let the water run unnecessarily.
We train the chambermaids in the proper use of the products.
We prefer the use of the dishwasher.
We regularly check that there are no leaks in our facilities.

Waste management

We ensure that office bins are only used for waste
recyclable and emptied in the containers for this purpose.
Sorting bins are available to our customers at reception.
We keep prints to a minimum.
We order larger packaging to limit packaging.


                                                                                          How you can act

Energy management

By favoring walks and bike rides.
(Information on bicycle rentals and bus timetables at reception).
By turning off lights and electrical appliances when you leave the room.

Water Management

By notifying us of any leaks you may notice.
By only letting the water run when needed.
By only putting your bath towels to wash if necessary.

Bu asking us to change the bed linen only if necessary.

By not flushing anything down the toilet.
By not pouring substances harmful to the environment into the pipes.

Waste management

By putting recyclable waste in your wastebasket and other waste not
recyclables in the bathroom bin.
By not mixing the glass with the rest of the trash.
By requesting your invoice in digital format rather than paper.


Top attractions close to the hotel are : Hill of the Castle, Flower Market in the old town, beach and watersports.


The hotel offers 9 rooms for 1 to 3 people. 

The hotel has 3 types of rooms equipped with a flat-screen TV with a shower room and private WC:

- Single with a large single bed

- Double with a large double bed or twin with two small single beds

- Superior (for 3 people max) with a large double bed (+ a small single bed) or with three small single beds